[Fruit Gogo May Event Winners Announcement!]🎁πŸ₯³

1st aylinates****@gmail.com – BTS Signed Hats
2nd razelrainc****@gmail.com – EXO Glowing Lightstick

3rd kookiexb****@gmail.com – BTS Anti-Radiation Sticker

1st malanumlovel****@gmail.com – BTS Album (O ver.)
2nd haruneko****@gmail.com – BTS Lightstick (ver 3)
3rd victoriajj****@gmail.com – BTS Lomo photocard

1st barbacenadaniel****@gmail.com – EXO Black Lightstick (ver 1)
2nd victoriajj****@gmail.com – NCT Album (we ver.)
3rd aylinates****@gmail.com – Seventeen Mini Lightstick

Congrats for the winners!πŸ₯³
We will send a personal e-mail to those who have entered the top 10 in the Blue, Red and Green rankings.😍😍
After having time to prepare for the events of June, we will be starting the game again on June 7, so please wait!
Have your attention please. πŸ™πŸ™

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