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1. Purpose of processing personal information ('' (hereinafter 'Fruit Gogo') is processing personal information for the following purposes, and uses other than It is not used.
-Confirmation of customer subscription intention, identification and authentication by providing services to customers, maintenance and management of membership, payment of amount according to supply of goods or services, supply and delivery of goods or services, etc.

2. Processing and retention period of personal information

① ('', 'Fruit Gogo') holds personal information agreed upon when collecting personal information from the data subject, retention period of use, or personal information according to laws and regulations ․Process and retain personal information within the period of use.

② The specific personal information processing and retention period is as follows.
☞ Refer to the example below and describe the retention period and related laws and rationale for personal information processing and personal information processing.
(Example)-Customer subscription and management: Until the service use contract or membership termination, but if the bond-debt relationship remains, until the settlement of the bond / debt relationship
-Supply records of contracts, subscription withdrawals, payments, and goods in e-commerce: 5 years

3. Rights and obligations of the data subject and legal representatives and how to exercise them As a personal data subject, the user can exercise the following rights.
① The information subject can exercise the privacy protection rights of the following items at any time for the Fruit Gogo(“” or “Fruit Gogo”).
1. Request to view personal information
2. If there is an error, request correction
3. Request for deletion
4. Request to stop processing

4. Preparation of items of personal information to be processed

① ('' hereinafter 'Fruit Gogo') processes the following personal information items.
1 <Personal information collection for gift giving>
-Required items: email, password
-Optional items: mobile phone number, home address, name

5. Destruction of personal information (“Fruit Gogo”), in principle, destroys personal information without delay when the purpose of processing personal information is achieved. The procedure, deadline and method of destruction are as follows.
-Destruction procedure
The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB after achieving the purpose (separate documents in the case of paper) and stored for a certain period of time according to the internal policy and other related laws or immediately destroyed. At this time, personal information transferred to the DB will not be used for any other purpose unless required by law.

-Destruction time
When the retention period of personal information has elapsed, the user's personal information must be completed within 5 days of the end date of the retention period. We destroy the personal information within 5 days from the date when it is deemed unnecessary.

6. Matters concerning the installation, operation and rejection of automatic collection of personal information
① Fruit Gogo uses 'cookies' that store and retrieve usage information from time to time to provide personalized service. ② Cookies are a small amount of information that the server (http) used to operate the website sends to the user's computer browser and may be stored on the hard disk in the user's PC computer. end. Purpose of use of cookies: It is used to provide optimized information to users by grasping visit and use patterns, popular search terms, and secure access to each service and websites visited by users. I. Cookie Installation / Operation and Rejection: You can refuse to save cookies by setting options in Tools> Internet Options> Privacy menu at the top of the web browser. All. If you refuse to save cookies, you may have difficulty using customized services.
7. Personal information protection officer

① Fruit Gogo ('', 'Fruit Gogo') is responsible for the handling of personal information and handles complaints by the data subject regarding the processing of personal information. And for the relief of damages, we have designated the person in charge of personal information protection as follows.

▶ Personal information protection officer
Name: 10KPOP
Position: Representative
Position: Representative
Contact: 070-4106-7771,,
※ It leads to the department in charge of personal information protection.

② The information subject should use the service (or business) of Fruit Gogo('' or 'Fruit Gogo') to inquire, handle complaints, and remedy any personal information related to protection. You can contact the person in charge of personal information protection and the department in charge. Fruit Gogo ("" or "Fruit Gogo") will respond and process information inquiries without delay.

8. Change of personal information processing policy
① This personal information processing policy is applied from the effective date, and if there are additions, deletions, and corrections of changes in accordance with laws and policies, the notice will be notified through 7 days prior to the implementation of the changes.

9. Measures to secure the safety of personal information (“Fruit Gogo”) is taking technical, administrative, and physical measures necessary to secure safety in accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
1. Establishment and implementation of an internal management plan
For the safe handling of personal information, we have established and implemented an internal management plan.

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