[Important!!] ★ Fruit Gogo Game Policy ★

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Fruit Gogo Game policy

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1.     Available country
This game is only available in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and India. (To be added...)

2.     What is the Heart?
You need hearts to play the game. 1 heart = 1 time in the game.

2-1 Heart
There are blue hearts and red hearts. You can play with both blue and red.

Blue Heart – Blue Game Blue Ranking & Gift
Red Heart – Red Game – Red Ranking & Gift

Blue Heart10 free blue hearts every day. Unused hearts could be accumulated. With Blue Heart, you can win prizes from the Blue Ranking & Gift menu with Blue Game cumulative scores.

Red Heart – Red hearts are only available when you buy them at ‘Get Hearts’. If you buy red hearts, you can try out for VIP special prizes from Red Ranking & Gift menu through the Red Game. 

2-2 [Get Hearts]

Blue hearts: Watch ads and get 5 blue hearts!

Red Hearts: You have to buy in "Get Hearts" menu

3.     Scores
Total Scores. In other words, the more times you play, the more likely you are to win prizes.

3-1. Score classification
 Blue Heart – Blue Game – Blue Score 
 Red Heart – Red Game – Red Score  

3-2 Score reset
The score will be reseted at 00:00 am on the 1st of every month (GMT +9 South Korean time).

4.     Prizes
Prizes are given to 100 person.

4-1 Prize update
Prizes will be updated on the 1st of each month. If the 1st day is on weekend or holiday, it will be updated on the next weekday. Prizes may change depending on local circumstances.

5.     Winner announcement
The winner announcement will be held at 2pm on the 1st of every month on the 'Fruit Gogo' homepage (http://www.10kpop.com/)(GMT +9 South Korea Standard). If the first day is on weekend or a public holiday, you can check it at 2pm on the next weekday. We send an email for winners, so please check out the notice and check out your mail box.

6.     Receiving prizes
Winners will receive a prize by email address that you use in the game. Please read the contents of the e-mail and reply. If you don't reply, we can't send the prize because we don't know your address information. If you win, don't forget to check your mail box and reply. Prizes will be delivered to you without additional cost.

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